Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Little Mermaid gets even creepier

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is planning a film adaptation of Carolyn Turgeon's Mermaid, which is a "dark" retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's (already too dark for my taste) The Little Mermaid. The movie will be written and directed by Country Strong filmmaker Shana Feste, who seems to really enjoy writing stories about self-destructive women who Love Too Much.

I read and reviewed Ms. Turgeon's first book, and I'm pretty sure Wordcandy has a copy of Mermaid collecting dust on our To-Be-Read shelf. Nobody's been brave enough to open it yet—because if her last book succeeded in making Cinderella seriously depressing, who knows what Turgeon could do with a fairytale that's already a total downer?

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