Friday, May 20, 2011

The CW goes with what works

One more Wordcandy-friendly promo, and then we're done. The CW has debuted the official trailer for The Secret Circle, their upcoming adaptation of L.J. Smith's series about teen witches. (Smith also wrote the The Vampire Diaries, if that information has any bearing on your decision whether or not to check out The Secret Circle. The few episodes of Vampire Diaries I've seen were fun, although I was taken aback by how exactly they mimicked the set-up of, like, every horror-influenced teen movie and TV show that aired between 1994 and 1998.) Anyway, this trailer looks pretty cheesetastic, but from what I remember that's a fair representation of its source material.

Oh, and in a related note, I'd like to take this opportunity to give Ms. Smith full props for her FAQ response about fanfic. When asked if she is okay with people writing fanfiction based on her books, she replied:
Of course. I’d be a hypocrite and an idiot to try to stop it. I don’t mind what you do with my characters as long as you don’t rub my nose in it. I might even run a contest for the most interesting (G-rated) fanfic ever written in all the years since my various series first came out. The same with art—which I’m glad to see, always.
Way to go, lady. It's always nice to see authors take fanfiction as the incredible compliment it actually is.

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