Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minor points

Before I get to the complaining, let me first state that I am sincerely delighted Yen Press has picked up the license for Yotsuba&!, which is one of our all-time favorite series. Thanks, Yen Press! You guys are awesome, and your slightly repackaged editions of Yotsuba&! are both shiny and adorable. Behold:

However... was giving Yotsuba her very own font really necessary? Her various pronouncements are usually strange enough without a quirky font emphasizing the weirdness. And did you have to provide so many footnotes? I mean, if you tell me that a t-shirt reads "Fifteen years old" on page 15, you don't really need to explain it again on page 17. And we actually would have been just fine if you had resisted the desire to translate nonsense Japanese sound effects ("Ba!") into nonsense English sound effects ("Wham!"). We don't mean to quibble, but that's what God gave us context for.

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