Friday, February 11, 2011

X-men... back in the day

Okay, forget the Captain America stuff. This I'm excited about:

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Blogger Sheryl said...

One hopes it is better than the Wolverine movie... though I am hesitant to get excited.

2:45 PM

Blogger Yulianka said...

The reason I'm excited is because Bryan Singer (who directed the first two X-Men movies, and wisely skipped out on the third) is the producer and co-screenwriter. I see that as an excellent sign.

10:16 PM

Blogger Sheryl said...

Oh, well now I'm more interested. I greatly enjoyed the first two movies.

9:29 AM

Blogger Yulianka said...

Yeah! The first one was my favorite (it's actually my favorite superhero movie ever), but I enjoyed the second, too.

2:21 PM


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