Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hard-to-find horror

I've been trying to hunt down a copy of Robert Bloch's Psycho, the novel that inspired the Hitchcock movie of the same name. I'm not about to pay $25 for this edition (seriously, are they insane?), but pickings are strangely slim. Why has no one published an appropriately pulp-fiction-y edition of this book recently? Don't they realize that Halloween is coming, and some of us might like to get into the mood with a little vintage horror?



Blogger Sheryl said...

Sure they realize it, which is why there are movies galore to buy right now.

Wait... read? A book? Who does that anymore?

3:05 PM

Blogger Yulianka said...

You know what really surprised me was that they don't seem to have reprinted the book when they made that terrible Gus Van Sant re-make of the movie. I was certain *somebody* would have trotted out a cheap paperback release as a tie-in, but no dice....

Oh, well. I found a copy at the library, so I just have to hope I'll move up the queue fast enough to nab the book before the end of the month. (Once November hits, I lose all interest in horror novels and move on to books about eating.)

4:10 PM


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