Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fables spin-off

Here's the cover art and official description of the upcoming Fables spin-off Jack of Fables, due out in June:

"Last seen hitchhiking from Hollywood after releasing a trilogy of films (about himself) that made him an international superstar, the series follows Jack's immediate adventures as a wayward Fable in the heartland of America. His extreme road stories and encounters with other notorious, renegade Fables are just a few of the situations in store for this fan-favorite character of the multiple Eisner Award-winning FABLES series. Willingham remarked, "The only way to stop Jack from stinking up the regular FABLES series was to offer him his own spin-off book, so really we had no choice.""

You can download a sneak peek here, and I don't know if you can see it properly, but Jack's shirt reads: "Ensemble books are for losers". Hey, it's just one more reason to adopt Bill Willingham and his artists as your personal comic book saviors, people.



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