Monday, August 01, 2011

A mystery solved

When publisher Little, Brown & Company e-mailed booksellers a list of their upcoming books last week, there was a November 14th release that excited quite a bit of curiosity: Untitled, by Anonymous. Tantalizingly, the publisher described the book as "the inside story of life with one of the most controversial figures of our time" and promised a huge media roll-out, but that was all the detail they offered. After a few days of speculation, the Times is now reporting that the co-author of Untitled is Catherine Hooper, the fiancée of Andrew Madoff, son of jailed Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff.

If, as now seems likely, this ends up being a tell-all memoir about life with the Madoff family, it shouldn't be confused with this... the other upcoming tell-all memoir about the Madoffs, this one written by Stephanie Madoff-Mack, the widow of Bernard's son Mark.

(And I know this is a minor point, but what do they mean by calling Madoff "controversial"? Where's the controversy? Don't we all basically agree he's a skeezebucket?)



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