Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Real award, (thankfully) fictional sex

The 18th annual Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award was announced a few days ago, and the dubious honor was given to Irish author Rowan Somerville for The Shape of Her, which apparently includes the following line (and you might want to brace yourselves):
"Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her."
Oh. My. Goodness.

Note: Today's review selection (Wendelin Van Draanen's Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher) will appear this evening on the main site.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is truly, impressively disgusting.

11:17 AM

Blogger Gort79 said...

Indeed--far worse than last year's.

10:03 PM


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