Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So very, very wrong.

Oh, for the love of...

Variety informs me that the Disney Channel is planning a Harriet the Spy made-for-TV movie. Unfortunately, they've made some changes: the new version has Harriet as "a movie producer's daughter determined to become the class blogger".

That would be bad enough, but I'm even more concerned by the announcement that "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Blake McGrath will choreograph. Um, choreograph? Since when are there dance sequences in Harriet the Spy? Have they seriously turned this into some kind of High School Musical-influenced monstrosity? Have they no shame?

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Blogger Sheryl said...

Have they no shame?
Uh... yes, Disney has no shame. That is how it stays on top in the entertainment business.

2:59 PM

Blogger Yulianka said...

But... but... Harriet the Spy! Why don't they ever tart up series I don't care about? Crazy song and dance numbers might actually *improve* some books, but not that one.

4:43 PM

Anonymous Emily said...

I'm confused. There has already been a Harriet the Spy movie. It was made a while back and it had Rosie O'Donnel (don't know if I spelled that right)

5:04 PM

Blogger Yulianka said...

That one may have been made by Nickelodeon. Can't remember. But either way, apparently Disney felt they didn't screw it up enough.

7:08 PM

Blogger Marie said...

That sounds truly horrendous. Harriet the Spy was one of my favorite books growing up- it was a series, right? Anyway I'm sorry to hear about how they're planning to destroy it- boo!

4:02 PM

Blogger Yulianka said...

Yeah, it was a series--and quite a good one. I don't remember much about the middle book (something about Harriet's friend Beth Ellen, or whatever her name was), but I really liked the third book, Sport, which featured this bizarre sequence with the main character getting kidnapped by his mother and imprisoned in a ritzy hotel. Weird but excellent stuff, you know?

11:26 PM


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